Welcome to Canada

Extensively known for its Maple Syrup with Quebec being its largest producer and acting as a lifeline for the majorly recognized Niagara Falls, Canada is playing a huge role in satisfying the globetrotters by its breathtaking beauty.

Country Quick Facts


Being considered as the second largest country in the whole world, Canada is tucked in the northern part of the North America and has secured approximately more than 40% of the continent’s area. The population here is witnessed as a sparse one, despite of it being abundant in case of the size. The land area of Canada is near about same as that of the United States and China whereas it is five times more than the Mexico’s size.

Area: 9.985 million km²
Population: 36.95 million
Capital: Ottawa

People & Language

English and French are the two languages which are most commonly spoken in Canada. More than 50% of the population here uses English as a communicator whereas more than 20% are indulged in speaking French. The remaining part of the Canada’s residents speak other languages existing in minority i.e. Chinese, Punjabi and varied others. People residing in Canada are known as the ‘Canadians’.


The officially circulated currency in Canada is the ‘Canadian Dollar’ that is symbolised as C$, Can$, $ or CAD. The currency is regulated under the supervision of the Bank of Canada and is present in the form of coins and banknotes. The coins are available in the denomination of CAD 25¢, CAD 10¢, CAD 5¢, CAD $1, CAD $2 whereas the banknotes are available in the denomination of CAD $10, CAD $5, CAD $20, CAD $50. A single Canadian Dollar is equivalent to 100 cents. The coins here feature all the national symbols on them. Canada has an appropriate facility of ATMs as they are available in abundance here.


Canada’s weather varies from one region to another. Due to it being a huge country, the weather conditions vary spontaneously there however there are four distinct seasons in this country i.e. the winter, summer, fall and the spring. Mentioning the coldest places here, Nunavut, Yukon and the other Northwest regions top the list where the average temperature goes as low as minus 30 ℃. Winters here are colder and longer and the summers are hot and humid. However, the summers in the west coast have lesser humidity with evening being the cooler one.


Time: Canada is adhered to six multiple time zones along with 6 DST time zones.

Electricity: The Standard Voltage in Canada is 120 V with a frequency of 60 Hz. If the standard voltage in your nation is somewhere ranging in the middle of 110-127 V then you easily use your appliances in Canada.

Weight & Measurement: The Metric System is used by Canada for the purposes of weight and measurement

Telecommunications: Canada has abundant facilities for SMS and the data plans. The major provider of telecommunication services here are Rogers, TELUS, Bell as well as Freedom Mobile. One can buy these sim cards from the official stores, supermarkets and also some of the selected local outlets.

Top Cities of Canada

This huge country is a hub of some of the top-rated cities worthy of a visit. They are listed below:

Food & Drink

Irrespective of the kind of cuisines you are striving to consume, whether it is a traditional one or a classic one, Canada has everything set for you. Not just its lakes and the mountains, but the real reason of majority of the globetrotters from all over the world for visiting this country is none other than its super-attractive food we’ve always discussed and also heard about. There is a wide array of tasty dishes waiting just for your trials in Canada, have a bite and you will never get tired of consuming them.


A combination of cheesy curds, rice gravy and also the crispy fries topped with meat is what defines a Poutine.


These are the pastries which are deep fried with hazelnut spread, cinnamon or the Peanut Butter acting as its toppings.


A delicious flat bread favoured by majority of the Canadians. It tastes sweet and can be served in abundant forms.

Canadian Bacon

Majorly renowned dish in North America, it is a sliced grilled ham consisting of the rightly fused flavours.

Canada Dry

The Canada Dry is a drink that is consumed to beat the heat of summers or at the time of illness.

Maple Syrup

The Maple Syrup is the biggest food identity in Canada that is produced majorly in the Quebec.

Nanaimo Bars

The Nanaimo Bars are the desserts of Canada which are prepared with a mixture of coconut, crumbs, chocolate and custard.

Kraft Dinner

It is a type of a household staple that is a combination of the processed cheese as well as the pasta.

The Caesar

This drink can be consumed at any time of the day that comprises of hot sauce, tomato juice and also the vodka.


Culture of Canada

Considered as one of the happiest places in the world, Canada is a country of multiple languages and people coming to reside from varied places. The culture of Canada varies from one region to another. The country works under the supervision and the guidance of the federal system as well as the parliamentary democracy. Many significant cultural differences were witnessed here starting right from becoming a self-governor and concluding at some ties with the British.

The most ardently followed religion in Canada is the Catholic with approx. 36% of followers, Protestant with 20.3% of the population, Christian with 6.3% of followers and the Sikh with 1.4% of the Canada’s population.

Canada believes in celebrating many festivals with utmost joy and happiness which hold national importance and these are New Year’s Day (1st Jan), Christmas Day (25th Dec), Thanksgiving Day (October’s second Monday), Canada Day (1st July) and varied others.

Canada’s literary tradition’s standard is not mentioned anywhere because of its British roots easily inclining in the direction of the English Literature. The country is a hub of plentiful art galleries which are either funded by the Govt. of Canada or privately owned. However, apart from this there exist some small art galleries established with an intention of supporting the budding artists. Majority of the performing theatres are concentrated in the larger cities and these are highly musical while some are smaller ones. Canadians are considered as tolerant, polite and also a little bit informal, however a Canadian is a best person to be with.

Top Activities in Canada

Self Drive Travel in Canada

Grab a super amazing opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of the beguiling Canada at your own pace that too with your own comfort while acting as per your needs and preferences.

Canada in itself is a city full of zeal and enthusiasm and nothing’s best than indulging in the self-drive expedition with your travel mates to this winsome destination. Explore the untouched spots of this country accompanied with a pack of thrill and adventure. The Canadian open roads are awaiting your exploration as they are undoubtedly able to offer you a rare perspective of the open roads while fusing the open road’s life with your self-expedition experience.

Talking about the condition of the Canadian roads, they are not at all overcrowded, thus facilitating an easy and free flow travelling. Apart from this, the roads here contain such amazing views that you shall even stop to take some of the prettiest photographs of those places. Choose your own routes, car type and the kind of hotel you want to accommodate in. Canada’s roads are all yours, enjoy as much as you can!

Urban Adventures in Canada

Whale Watching

One of the most exciting and fun filled activities in Canada is none other than the ‘Whale watching’ here. Let the good times roll as this is the apt place for you to indulge in the activity of getting an opportunity of watching the varied activities of the Whales. The so-called killer whales here are a limelight of all the enjoyment that a visitor can attain from here. View the beautiful marine animals and their actions and that too through a memorable experience in the Kayak. The Kayaking adventure is the most commonly practised sport here and thus, in case you are striving to have some of the beautiful glimpses of the killer whale, then go no further than Canada.

Churchill’s Polar Bear

A tourist can witness a good number of polar bears at Churchill due to the place being one of the places present in the migration route of these animals. The Polar Bears spend their wintertime on the frozen day and as the summer enters they move to the land. The Purpose Built Buggies are great for the purpose for spending a day tour, else you can also stay in the ‘tundra lodges’ carrying the characteristic of being transportable. The people who are interested in having some of the sights of these animals indulge in the activity of staying up 24 hours accompanied with the gunshots in case any town-bound bears are spotted.

Toronto Cn Tower

It’s the time for you to have a panoramic view of the picturesque view of the city with a touch of thrill as well as adventure. This thrill is surely going to take you to an ultimate level where you will be getting a chance to have a scenic walk on the CN Tower's restaurant’s rooftop. The rooftop is situated at a really high altitude from the ground that is 1,168 feet and from there you will literally hang off from the edge of the CN Tower. No need for you to doubt on the safety and security of this activity as the professionals here equip you with the much needed safety equipment so that you have a memorable and a secure adventure experience here.

Ice Climbing

For those who are seeking for an adventure to be remembered for a lifetime, then Ice Climbing in the Alberta is the perfect spot for you. Engross yourself in the ultimate thrill of climbing up the Canadian Rockies’ ice waterfall and feel like never before. Some of the breathtaking places for undertaking this activity are the Canmore, Banff as well as the Lake Louise. The places are promising you a surreal nature accompanied by the smashing scene of ice-climbing with your crampons and toes wearing the ice axes to smack them on the wall as you experience the trickling of the ice and snow. Get ready for some serene views as you climb up the ice waterfall of Alberta.

Rafting The World’s Highest Tide

To be true, this activity is not at all meant for the faint- heated persons. Anyone seeking for an innovative adventure can surely opt for rafting in the highest tides of the world i.e. the Shubenacadie River. The tides here rise to a level of approximately up to 15 metres and even its water flows out of the river majority of the times. Earlier, rafting here was a not a prevalent thing in the river but now it has become the most demanded one and thus, much in role. Rafting here is surely going to leave you thrilled and awestruck with the pace and the pressure at which the tide rises and moves out of the river making the people very, very wet.

Map of Canada