Welcome to China

Grabbing its rank as the ‘World’s Most Populated Country’, China is serving as a lifeline to the really pristine rivers and lakes along with the skills of the Chinese architecture adding crystals to its winsome exoticness.

Country Quick Facts


Following Russia and Canada, China is considered as the world’s third largest country. It is situated along the Pacific Ocean’s coastline in the South eastern part of Asia. With its map having a rooster like shape, it is surrounded by 14 countries which include Laos, Korea, Vietnam, Nepal and many others. The country is a fusion of varied plateaus, rivers, plains, basins and also the foothills. Two-third of China’s land is covered by the mighty hills, foothills and the mountains.

Area: 9.597 million km²
Population: 1,415,045,928
Capital: Beijing

People & Language

The ‘Standard Mandarin’ also known as the ‘Standard Chinese’ is the officially accepted language in China which is spoken by approx. 1.2 billion people here. Apart from this, the other top languages playing the role of a communicator in this country are none other than the Yue, Wu and the Minbei. On a whole there exist more than 200 individual dialects in China. The residents of China are worldly acknowledged as the ‘Chinese people’.


The ‘Renminbi’ also considered as the Chinese Yuan is the officially circulated currency in China. It is symbolised as ‘¥’ and is circulated under the supervision of the People's Bank of China. The basic unit of Renminbi is the Yuan that is equivalent to 10 Jiao. The currency is available in the form of banknotes and coins. The varied denominations of the banknotes are 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 Yuan. On the other hand, the coins are available in the denominations of 1 yuan; 5, 2 and 1 jiao as well as the 5, 2 and 1 fen. ATMs are extensively available in China making it easier for the tourists and the locales to withdraw cash in multiple denominations.


China is one of those countries which witness the largest weather difference among its cities. On comparing the climatic conditions in the Northern China and the Southern China, one might conclude that there stand a lot of variations. Talking about the Northern China, the wintertime here is really cool and dry whereas the summertime is hot and humid. While, on the other hand Southern China comes across a lot of rainfall during summers making it a monsoon dominant region. The average temperature in China during summers is 27°C and during winters is -4°C.


Time: China follows the China Standard Time (CST) as its standard time zone that is 15 hours ahead of the Pacific Standard Time.

Electricity: The Standard Voltage in China is 220 V and its frequency is 50 Hz. The power sockets used here are of Type C, A and I. It is highly recommended not to use your country’s appliances in China in case their standard voltage differs from this country.

Weight & Measurement: The Metric System is used for the purposes of Weight and Measurement in China.

Telecommunications: Each and every part of the country is linked with one another through telephone, Internet, radio, telegraph and the television. The Cellular telephone services are widely in use here and are also increasing rapidly month after month. In order to facilitate calls to other countries, varied roaming services are available.

Top Cities of China

China is a huge country with an incorporation of the top cities based on their tourism, population and many other characteristics. These are:

Food & Drink

Ready to serve you an unequivocally appetizing cuisines that are promising not only the satisfaction for your tummy but also your heart. The Chinese cuisine is huge and thus, incorporates a bundle of varieties as well as the immensely succulent flavours. Commencing right from the highly spiced and concluding to the subtler ones, the Chinese dishes comprise of long histories.

Kung Pao Chicken

It is the most commonly consumed dish in China prepared with the dried chill, fried peanuts and chicken.

Sweet and Sour Pork

As the name suggests, it tastes sweet and sour. The dish is bright orange or red in colour.


It consists of chopped vegetables and sometimes minced meat too. Can be served fried or steamed.

Chow Mein

Carrying the meaning of the ‘stir-fried noodles’, Chow Mein are the noodles which are prepared in boiled water.

Spring Rolls

These are the cylindrical shaped filled with meat or the vegetables. They can be served along with a chilly sauce.

Milk tea

This drink gives a smooth creamy feel and is present in a variety of flavours all over China


This is the national liquor in China that consists of 40-60% of alcohol content in it.


They are consumed during the winter solstice. Triangular in shape, Wontons are filled with shrimp or pork.

Peking Roasted Duck

It is counted amongst the various national dishes of China and pairs up the best with pancakes or mashed garlic.


Culture of China

Being considered as an enormous country, China is not just ahead in case of its population or the area covered but also due to its appealing traditions and culture. Leaving the world awestruck by its geography and ethnicity, this nation is no less than a heartthrob for millions from every nook and corner of the world.

Out of the total population of China, there is a prevalent existence of 56 ethnic minority groups here with the Han Chinese group being the largest one comprising of 900 million people.

China’s culture wholly depends upon the marriage, ethics, etiquettes, religion, language and also the music as well as other basic things which judge on how a group will interact and react in different circumstances. Presently, the most ardently followed religions in China are Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Protestantism and also the Catholicism.

It was being announced that practicing of any other religions apart from the prominent ones is illegal, however as the modernity hopped in and years passed, the government made it free for everyone to follow the religion of their choice. China’s architecture carries a lot of significance and thus, is one of the key elements in the Culture of this alluring nation. Majority of the art forms here are influenced by the great and unheard historical tales of China. Varied prevalent sculptures and also the paintings are a depiction of the deities related to the religion of Buddhism. Thus, China is a smashing spot with a perfect fusion of each and every element that is highly necessary to make a country grow culturally as well as economically.

Top Activities in China

Self Drive Travel in China

China has kept its treasures hidden for those who are really seeking to have some of the untouched sights of this highly beauteous country. However, for those who are trying out to dive deep into the tourism of this country have to anyhow indulge in the ‘fly-drive’ tours prevalent in China. Get facilitated with the super-amazing land that serves as a credible source for nurturing the ancient civilizations.

A ‘self-drive expedition’ will let you have a pristine look of China and also, it enables the drivers to grab an opportunity of visiting those places which have been witnessed by only a few people. An overlanding scenario can prove to be a heart-warming activity for its participants.

While being indulged in the practice of self-driving here, one can come across an unregulated traffic system and crowded roads due to the large population of this country. But, a sure thing that has to be kept in mind- Driving in China can prove to be dangerous, stay calm and drive securely. Also, lastly it is highly recommended to wear helmet while riding your bike or any other two wheeler.

Urban Adventures in China

Walking, Huashan Plank Walk

Being considered as the one of the deadliest trails in the world, the Huashan Plank Walk is the trendiest adventure activity nowadays. Well, this is not an ordinary walk that you might be thinking of, instead this is a complex one. One needs to be a human full of real guts to undertake walking through the Mount Huashan. The activity’s trail has many obstacles along its way which are needed to be passed through. During the practice of the walk, you have to pass through an array of the varied wooden planks, followed by mapping your further route with the help of some ropes and thus, reaching the conclusion point that is none other than the “Plank Road in the Sky”.

Cycling, Xi’an Wall

Striving to experience a day full of adventure and attainment of the cultural knowledge? If yes, then head to the Xi’an wall. The place is no less than a surprise package filled for its visitors in terms of fun and thrill. Here, you rent a bike or a cycle and have a view of the bygone city of Xi’an. During the ancient days, this 13 kilometres extended wall precisely came into use as a military defense system. The visitor can ride the cycle all along this wall having some of the rare and untouched glimpses of this place along with the exquisiteness of its city.

Hiking, Longji Rice Terraces

The rice terrace fields tucked in Guilin are quite enough for the visitors to have an astonishing view of the nature and other relevant landscapes. The Longji Rice Terraces are continually serving as a favourite pastime starting right from morning till night. Commence your day with the hikes and the treks while passing through these fields and then take a sigh of relief at the region’s highly relaxing guest houses once you are done with the adventure activities. During your hike, you can also get a chance to have a look at the Yao and Zhuang minority tribes passing by those areas. Being considered as the “the Dragon’s Backbone”, this site will anyhow fill you full and a half day with loads of fun and adventure.

Trekking, Tiger Leaping Gorge

Trekking activity in the Tiger Leaping Gorge unequivocally extends for a tenure of two to three days. Mix your day with a lot of adventure along with a pinch of culture. The trekking shall be given a kick-start from village Qiaotao’s Haba Snow Mountain. Undoubtedly, you need to carry a bigger backpack for being engrossed in this adventure as it is not just limited to a single day. However, one can also complete the trek in a single day but, doing it with ease and also with proper time management is always recommended by every adventurer who has visited this place at least once. The region incorporates the ‘worthy of being visited’ sites i.e. the Walnut Grove and the Upper Gorge and you can easily spend your time while sightseeing here.

Camping And Hiking, Great Wall Of China

This is for sure going to be a memorable activity out of all the activities that you will be indulged in during your visit to China. This is because, the adventure here includes having an opportunity to come across the commendable sights from one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Great Wall of China. One can visit the varied sections of the wall prevalent here while being engrossed in the activities of Camping and Hiking in this place. Wake up with a spectacular historical scene of this wonder with some of the excitingly breathtaking views.

Map of China