Self Drive - Overland Trips

Overlanding- sounds a familiar one but many of the travellers are not aware about this term. They are just indulged in the same monotony of travelling to the places through the most common procedure of taking the flights from one place to another. WOO Adventures is here with a purpose of making your globetrotting experiences adventurous and it can be made one through Overlanding trips.

Overlanding is nothing but covering a desired area, continent or a territory through the techniques of ‘self-driving’. You just have to pack your bags, accompany your travel fellows and ride to your dream destination in a ‘purpose built vehicle’. Trust us on this, overlanding will not only let you enjoy your ultimate destination but also hundreds of things coming in your way. The thrill, fun and satisfaction that you will derive with this trip can never be experienced even by thousands of regular tourists.

However, Overlanding is a big commitment but its end results are fascinating and worthy of being remembered for a life time. Do you want to experience what Overlanding feels like? Undoubtedly, you are at a perfect place. Join hands with the WOO Adventures and see your travel turning into an event serving you with a perfect blend of fun, adventure, satisfaction, relaxation and infinite memories. Camp in the wild, climb mountains, relax in beaches, spend some time with nature, see the real world on wheels, enjoy the thrill in deserts, beautiful highways and mountains, you can do anything through Overlanding. Our core team of eminent and experienced travel hosts are here with a healthy dose of adventure. You just have to decide your travel mates and the destination and we will handle the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of your voyage.