Our Adventure Activities

We operate exceptional self-drive and chaffeur driven adventures in the form of 'Fixed Departure Group Travel' and also 'Customisable Private Drives' for our customers to some of the most fascinating and lesser explored destinations in and outside India.


Overlanding, a self-reliant four-wheel drive over the terrain and across geographies is the most fascinating experiential holidaying concept in the present day. This on-road and off-road adventurous journey itself is the experience travelers look for and is the goal. A journey, where you explore new places, expose yourself to adventurous drives, outdoor stays and self-resilience, is the key. Such trips usually cover long-distant travel across less travelled routes and less explored locations. So you explore the turf your own way!  Over-landers enjoy adventures like wading in deep waters, crawling on huge boulders, slogging through mud or running across a dry lake bed and desert. Well, it all depends on what type of overlanding you are looking forward to. There are two broad types of over-landers; one those who go overlanding as a new type of holiday or for fun & lighter adventure with friends and family. Their trip can either be self-planned & self-driven or planned and executed by expert overlanding & adventure tour operators. And the other types are those who live on the roads, full time.  These travelers enjoy the element of self-sufficiency, flexibility and experience of the journey & adventures en-route. Nevertheless, the level of adventure or activities involved can be defined as per your convenience.  You can plan a small & easy going overlanding tour or big and extensive one, where you travel across countries in four-wheelers, bicycles, trains, trucks etc.; the primary stay option could be camping and the journey can extend up to weeks & months. So, do not fool yourself; a weekend trip with a cozy campfire, obstacle games and travelling comfort trails do not qualify as overlanding.


Off Roading

An exhilarating hobby amongst men from the era bygone, Off-roading in the present day has found a place in almost every adventure enthusiast’s bucket-list. It is more than indulging your passion for vehicles & monster machines and igniting the fire for adventure, all at the same time.  For the new, off-roading is driving on unpaved ground such as fields, sand dunes, riverbeds, beaches, mountainsides, muddy bogs, gravel, boulders and on terrains and paths that are not paved. In simple terms, this is a road trip on paths less travelled or not paved for general travel. Many off-roaders enjoy natural scenery, while some others enjoy the adrenaline rush triggered by the technical challenge of driving on unpaved grounds. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the game or a seasoned off-roading enthusiast, having the right set of tools on hand while on trails defies if you are making a successful adventure trip or a disaster. Off-roaders drive, race and bounce their rigs, ATVs, 4x4s, SUVs, dune buggies and custom-modified trucks across hardly possible trails, deserts, boulders, swamps and through many unconventional routes for excitement. Most natural terrains are uneven and unpredictable, so it is of utmost importance that you have the proper equipment or vehicle for off-roading.   Technically you can go off-roading in any vehicle such as SUVs, ATVs, trucks, four-wheelers, dune buggies, dirt-bikes and other variants of high-riding vehicles that are specifically designed for off-roading. But make sure that the vehicle of your choice is best suited for the off-beaten path, which you will cover and the vehicle might require certain modifications to meet the trail or terrain requirements. For example, the tire that you will need for dune-bashing probably will not be ideal for traversing boulders.


Winter Drives

Driving during winters and especially in the snow, require to be extra cautious and one need to be prepared fully for all challenges of such an adventure trip. Not only the cold temperature alone but fog and snow bring potentially risky conditions for the travellers. Lesser visibility, snow covered and slippery roads and sometimes snow fall makes the driving even more challenging. It is important to choose your vehicle and destination wisely keeping into consideration your own safety. Those winter drives or snow drives are thrilling for no doubt, but at the same time very demanding and safety depends on driver’s performance in tough driving conditions and also on the maintenance of the vehicle. We bring you some most exciting winter drives not only in different locations in India or Asia, but at a number of exciting global locations. Check out our list of escorted Winter Driving Tours or Snow Driving Adventures and get ready to take up the challenge!



Glamping, a fabricated word that went viral and on a spur of moment everyone, including their neighbors have been craving for that “glamorous camping”.  Prodigy of luxury, glamping matured as a state-of-the-art holiday experience where stunning nature converged modern and exquisite luxury. Glamping is camping in luxurious comfort and en suite. You would love amenities and creature comforts; maybe a hot tub, a deck to relax or a fine vintage wine while enjoying the weather rather than pondering over how deep the tent pegs should have been to withstand the weather. This is all about a mesmerizing experience wherein you immerse yourself in the surroundings. Do not miss gulping that fresh air; do not forget to feel the earth, the mud pebbles under your feet; don’t miss the ever beautiful sunrises and sunsets; make sure to listen to nature and dissolve your stress into thin air. Glamping for sure takes you closer to nature without compromising on comforts. 



Stunning natural scenery amidst the backdrop of some very colorful flora and fauna, camps awaken an excitement for outdoors that lasts forever. An engaging & well enjoyed camping experience compels one to go for camping time & again. Camping is attractive owing to location, camp management and when camping involves rewarding as well as challenging adventure and fun activities. Activities such as Bird Watching, D-I-Ys, Writing, Star Gazing, Village Tours, Nature Walks, Meditation, Yoga, Adventure games, Hiking, Trekking, Exploration and more have made camping more than just an outdoor stay in tents. Most activities are designed & executed to get you closer to nature. Camping, per se, is not restricted to any particular age or class or gender; people from all walks of life can enjoy this outdoor bliss. Being at the mercy of Mother Nature, close to the being primitive and away from the modern day amenities, might sound intimidating but camping has had its share of face-off. In the present day camping, is a popular holidaying and staycation options that is no more rugged; rather comfortable. In fact, many countries have chosen some of the best camp-sites across their terrains and the places are well developed & maintained for camping purposes. Away from the omnipresent traffic, the concrete jungle and the frenzied work and life, these campsites are a respite.  Camping is not only about getting connected to nature rather teaches discipline, team work, survival tricks, life-hacks and more.  It teaches one to live within limited resources and be eco-friendly, as well.



Trekking encircles how you reconnect yourself with nature and explore its wonders. Some of life’s best lessons are often encountered in trekking. For adventure enthusiasts and people who love outdoors, trekking is the much sought after escape from their daily mundane life and the indulgence is divine. A trek through verdurous landscapes, lush green meadows, rocky riverbeds, cascading waterfall, and breathing in fresh air will surely elevate your energy. Be it any trail, a snow capped mountain, a desert, or  a mountain trek ; every journey is desirable.  They give the trekker a chance to witness how intriguingly nature has evolved our lives. Trekking is no less than any addiction for a trekker who enjoys that adrenaline rush and overcomes challenges. The challenges faced help you to make a better version of yourself. The immaculate and enthralling nature bewitches to dive onto its lap and find comfort in it. Trekking as an adventurous sport gives a front seat experience to witness nature and to explore the various geographical diversities of that trail. It is not about the destination but the arduous journey throughout. As you trek, you come across hamlets and local people. Many times the lifestyle, culture and struggle of locals from rough terrains, are major eye openers. You might also encounter a threatening animal or insect or weather while in a difficult level of trek. Nevertheless, how you face the challenges, how agile and responsible you are while facing any obstacles, makes you a pro in problem solving and enjoying all that. Trekking can be of different types considering level of difficulty, region, weather, month, companion etc. Such outdoor activities have been a part of people's life from ages, which has gradually evolved from a necessity to an adventure sports & team building trek activities.



Wildlife adventure, along with being a great choice for family holidays with kids, is also one of the best ways to connect with nature. One can explore wildlife in myriads of matrixes. From butterfly parks to tiger sanctuaries, from underwater species to bird watching, wildlife is extensive to explore. Every bit of this adventure tour connects you deeply to nature.  A trip where your wakeup call is not your phone or desktop alarm but birds chirping, where you do not want to snooze it any longer, rather pop out of your bed and walk into the lush greens. Breathing in that refreshing air, humming your most favorite tune with the hand by your side, feeling the wind as it caresses your palm and walking barefoot by the riverside that gushes to far off land, is sure to rejuvenate your soul. 


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