What is Glamping?

Glamping, a fabricated word that went viral and on a spur of moment everyone, including their neighbors have been craving for that “glamorous camping”.  Prodigy of luxury, glamping matured as a state-of-the-art holiday experience where stunning nature converged modern and exquisite luxury. Glamping is camping in luxurious comfort and en suite. You would love amenities and creature comforts; maybe a hot tub, a deck to relax or a fine vintage wine while enjoying the weather rather than pondering over how deep the tent pegs should have been to withstand the weather. This is all about a mesmerizing experience wherein you immerse yourself in the surroundings. Do not miss gulping that fresh air; do not forget to feel the earth, the mud pebbles under your feet; don’t miss the ever beautiful sunrises and sunsets; make sure to listen to nature and dissolve your stress into thin air. Glamping for sure takes you closer to nature without compromising on comforts. 

Holidaying Amidst SARSCOV-19 Pandemic 
Covid19 havoc wrecked people and lives. It imposed innumerable restrictions on people, refraining them from socializing, traveling and also from their normal course of life. The new normal lifestyle is yet to seep in. Not only physical restrictions but financial, mental and social restrictions made it much more difficult.  While travel aficionados and holiday seekers suffered, glamping came as a respite to those wanderlusts. The urge to be outdoors, breathe free, and spend quality time with family while maintaining social distancing norms and sanitization standards and to enjoy a financially not so burdening holiday increased. Fortunately, all these safety necessities are being adequately met by glamping. These are custom plans that aim to meet your holiday expectations. Glamping vacation has been a tide turner for wanderlust who doesn’t want to compromise on comfort, yet looks forward to outdoor holidaying.  Every person who goes glamping looks forward to gaining a unique experience. They look for something a bit more special, a bit more considered and definitely want things that will look great on their insta-feeds. Glamping brings forth that wow factor, wished by every traveler. Nevertheless, when Glamping in 2021-2022 make sure to choose a seasoned glamping company, plan ahead, avoid too crowded destinations and follow all safety norms.


Glamping in the Bygone Era
 This term might be new, but the concept that it signifies – i.e., luxurious tent-living; dates back to the era of the Scottish Earl of Atholl of the 16th century. Apparently, in history, some of the most extravagant and palatial tent-living was during a diplomatic summit in 1520 in northern France. Not to miss the Sultan of Turkey or the Turkish Ottomans were popularly known for their lavish tents set up during their military campaigns, celebrations and other cultural and religious ceremonies. These tents / canopies were extensively lavish and essentially mobile, to satiate the comfort of Sultan, as and when he travelled.   As we peek into the 20th Century, African Safari experience allured the rich and famous. The wealthy Americans and British travelers took such adventure trips and tried their hand at shooting wild animals. The shooting game gained popularity and so did demand of creature-comfort amidst the thrill of hunting. Though they desired to get down on dirt to hunt but were not willing to sacrifice luxury. So the dwelling tents amidst jungle were adequately fitted with the luxuries they were used to.  Later, the luxury tents or camps were posted on festival grounds, primarily for society’s upper crust and VIPs to keep them clear of the muddy crowds. Gradually, this fraternized with mainstream and presently, it nourishes its niche position in the holiday market. 

In 21st Century, the growth in glamping was seen towards late 1990, when the international financial crisis impeded foreign travels. This paved the way to the trend, wherein people looked for innovative and affordable types of holidays. They looked for experiences and then came the blend of outdoor camping with facilities of hotels and resorts as a new way of holidaying – Glamping.

Making the most of Glamping
Holidayers and wanderlusts get endless options in glamping. You feel like staying in a beach shack right on the beach with waves underneath and starry skies above or you choose a Swiss tent or yurt with luxuries and doors that open wide into nature’s lap, you can explore ample options.  If you are the one who wishes to go for a vacation under the stars and the sun but you are in no mood to compromise your comforts, then glamping is your call. Reasons that have made glamping go from a tiny niche segment to something that everyone is willing to go for are: Comfortable to your preference; Amazing natural setups; it’s a no camping expertise required camping experience; anyone can go; and most importantly glamping is Luxury that doesn’t cost the environment.  Many glamping sites of India and abroad, offer luxury you want yet mindful of nature and respectful of the communities involved. You get a chance to immerse yourself in the natural settings and culture of the location. It is like you step directly into a natural surroundings from your room.  Glamp sites are often in close proximity to several outdoor activity sites which further adds fun to your stay. If you still want to know further Glamping requires less packing compared to camping. You can sleep cozy under the sky and you need not crawl in a pokey tent or an uneven floor. Cozy with creature-comforts glamping accommodations are equipped adequately. The glamping sites are also spacious and best for family and group outings: Children get to run wild, jump around, climb trees and enjoy the outdoor space to its fullest. The environment is more laid back, with less rules and regulations. Glamping with family and friends scores way higher than hotel stays. While soaking up the exquisite outdoors, do not miss the gourmet meals, fine wines, cocktails and local delicacies. One of the most highlighting factors about glamping is that these are eco-friendly holiday options.  In today’s time, when everyone is getting conscious about the environment, Glamping is the best option to spend a holiday in the most eco-friendly and self-nurturing manner.  It brings forward a sustainable experience. Glamp-sites use solar energy, organic food resources, and natural water sources, ensuring least carbon footprints.  Conscious effort of holidayers and glamping organizers improves the local ecosystem. Efforts are also to be taken by you, as a conscious traveler and ensure sustainable practices. 

Glamping includes all your creature comforts so you can go glamping anytime or any weather. Be it wrapping yourself in a blanket as you snuggle up with your partner next to a fire pit or bon-fire during winters; or you can take the scorching summer in your stride and enjoy a riverside stay amidst a dense green forest with your family. Go glamping with family, friends, or with your work team, the way you like because it is your outing defined by you.
Identifying where to go glamping is purely an individual choice or your travel-mates' consensus on where you would like to go.  What type of natural settings and geographies you all want to enjoy will define if glamping in Europe, Africa or somewhere close to home will be ideal. A place that shines a light on your individuality and your choice is best. Know the USP of the place and make sure it aligns with your interests.  Just don’t go glamping to mark destinations visited on your social media profile rather find a place that will take you on a journey you will enjoy and cherish. The glamping experience doesn’t just restrict itself to a luxurious stay amidst nature rather involves great outdoors. Identifying breathtaking locations and creating quixotic glamping experiences makes the difference!

 … Choose a place to experience yourself, rediscover yourself or just to be yourself.  

Glamping Galore in India
Glamping in India has been the most sought-after amongst travel aficionados. This country has innumerable glamping sites that let you reconnect with diverse geographies, nature, Indian culture, heritage and its essence at its best.  Fitted with tree houses to luxury Swiss tents, these glamping sites are perfect if you are looking forward to some rejuvenation and relaxation. There are places where you sleep tugged into comfort and luxury yet step out into a meadow. From climbing trees, to running in open wide lush green meadows; from gazing endlessly at starry sky to sitting undisturbed under a tree near a cascading waterfall, you will surely make lifetime memories. Glamping amidst the sand dunes of Thar or under snow clad mountains at Himalayan foothills or in the lush forests of Western Ghats or on the golden beaches. International travellers and holidayers have enjoyed the Indian White Desert Camps, always. The adventure enthusiasts love the river bank glamps for the water sports and serenity. India is a hub to explore different geographies and a place that has extended warmth & comfort. 

Global Glamping is the In-Thing 
Our mundane, modern and busy lives asks to rejuvenate and connect to nature. Be it sitting by the lakes or rivers and enjoying a glass of fine wine, or trekking high up to a towering mountain or just walking through the tall grasses and lush green meadows, spending time in the great outdoors is imperative to rejuvenate your soul. So, switch off your gadgets, breathe fresh air, let your eyes relax, spread your arms and enjoy the stillness. Millennia travelers and holidayers, identifying their perfect glamping destinations as per their choice of geographical destination, investment and most importantly interest. Uluru in Australia, Beach glamping at Kennebunkport’s least crowded beaches, the Pod glamping in Suffolk – England; to name a few, house some of the world’s luxurious glamping sites. Whereas, African Eco glamping in Botswana, Merzouga in Morocco, Wadi Rum in Jordan, Biograd na Moru – Croatia, Les Mathes and Saint-Julien-en-Born in France are the most visited glamping destinations. Holidayers have enjoyed places like the Desert camps, Winery Glamping or Vineyard Glamping, Antarctica Glamps and many such that cradle their interest and take them away from the stress of a tech-heavy world. 

Glamping Stay Options and Essentials
Make sure you choose a place that pleases your soul because here it is worthy to spend. Glamping sites across the globe offer a variety of accommodations that lets you reconnect with the core nature. Glamping Cabins, Tree Houses, Safari Tents, Swiss Tents, Yurts, Pods, Bell tents, Shepherd’s Hut, Tipis, Geodoms and many more are stay options. These accommodations are fitted with all equipment and amenities to meet your desired level of comfort and are available in different price ranges to accede into holidayers’ budget.  These stay options have all essentials and amenities that assure comfort to luxury, as you choose.  Nevertheless, you need to carry personal belongings that should be including Insect repellants, Sunscreens & Toiletries,  Season and place appropriate clothes, accessories and footwear, Personal medications and First Aid Kit, Flash Lights, power backups for camera & gadgets to stay connected.

Team WOO Adventures is dedicated to guide holidayers and travelers seeking out-of-ordinary glamping vacations and one of its kind trips, that will surely broaden your horizon by giving you a deeper engagement with the natural surroundings and encouraging cultural immersion. So if you want to enjoy an upscale approach to sleeping under the stars, you are at the right place. Meticulously planned trips, hand-selected glamping sites in India and abroad makes a truly unique and unforgettable glamping experience.

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